Our Safety Policy

It is the policy of G.L. Hoff Company to perform work in the safest possible manner. The safety of our employees and the public is of chief importance. The prevention of accidents and injuries always takes precedence over expediency. G.L. Hoff Company makes every effort to prevent accidents from occurring.

Safety Regulations

As a condition of employment, all employees must comply with all safety regulations. Our regulations are based on OSHA standards. As stated in all subcontract agreements and enforced by job site superintendents, OSHA compliance is also required of all subcontractors. Miriam T. Hoff is the designated safety manager for the company and is the primary contact for safety-related matters.

Safety Meetings

All new employees receive an employee safety manual and a safety training orientation prior to beginning work on the job site. Supervisors conduct periodic job site safety meetings on a variety of topics. Any safety concerns are discussed with the safety manager at the supervisor meeting. CPR, first aid training, equipment training, excavation safety, and other specific types of training are provided at periodic sessions at the company office.

Safety Equipment

Job site safety equipment includes a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Emergency phone numbers are posted at each job site. The preferred medical provider for G.L. Hoff Company employees is:

  • Banner Occupation Health Services
  • 1703 E 18th St Suite 4
  • Loveland, CO 80538
  • 970-820-4580


All injuries and accidents are followed up by a written report and investigation to identify causes and determine corrective measures to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Additional Resources

Employees, please refer to the Employee Booklet for complete details on our safety program. Below you can find our Safety Data Sheets.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data

Link to PDF of Hoff Construction Safety Data Sheets

OSHA Documents

Crystalline Silica Exposure Info

Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction

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